When I first decided on my topic I dove right into research.  I guess I wasn’t that clear on the process as a whole.  There was a lot of information to negotiate through and I was doing it as quickly as I could. This is one of my pitfalls when I am completing assignments lately.  I will do the research when the topic is not completely clear yet, and then have to do the research all over again when I hone in on the exact purpose.  I was mostly looking for information to answer my question and support it.  I know now this wasn’t the most strategic way of doing things.  I should have been looking at things with a more “critical” eye. 

The second draft wasn’t that drastically different.  I went into it thinking I would finish what I started but add more text.  I should have taken advantage of this draft round and looked at adding more scholarly sources.  The third time around I added a few quotes one of which to draw the reader in.  Judging from the feedback I have gotten it apparently worked the way I wanted it to.  The quote I used in the beginning of the paper was from Miley Cyrus.  Now I am personally not a fan, but I understand how popular she is.  The quote struck me as a little funny since she has been catching a lot of attention for her inappropriate behaviors, and in the quote she is inferring that she is physically and mentally healthy.  The quote is “Everyone should try no gluten for a week!  The change in your skin, physical and mental health is amazing.  You won’t go back!”  While this is certainly not from a scholarly source, it made the dramatic effect I was looking for.

I have always used sources to help bring information and support my topic.  This paper has been so different than what I am used to, but I now see the merit in the way we are supposed to use our sources.  One of my quotes I used to help describe what the Paleo diet is.  “In a nutshell the Paleo Diet is a modern attempt to replicate the diet of our earliest ancestors.”  There really is no way of challenging this because it is mere fact.  It’s hard to think of ways to critically engage this kind of quote.  I understand a little bit better how we need to use our sources to make our papers into a type of conversation.  

In order to master and graduate with a degree from a University we should be able to engage in critical thought.  If we are able to do so we have reached the level of mental maturity worthy of a diploma.  Mastery of this kind of writing is important in any job beyond University.  Not only will we be asked to write like this in future classes, but certainly in many job professions.  The research involved demonstrates ability to improve knowledge.  

This whole process has really woken me up to looking at how I should approach things like this in the future.  I came to it at the wrong angle and now have to really twist my process around.  Thankfully we have such an awesome Professor to lead us in the right direction.                     .


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