Rhetorical Situation

As a result of the diagnoses of Hashimoto’s Disease, it was recommended by my Doctor to try the popular Paleo diet.  I had to research and find out all I could.  Why was this so popular and why were people so interested when I told them I was going to try it?  I was intrigued, but sadly didn’t have time outside of preparing to transform my diet.  This assignment gave me the opportunity to dig in and find out what the fascination was all about.  There was a lot of attention drawn to the types of people turning their attention to this diet.  Many were young, health conscious, and hoping to look and feel more fit.  I thought it may be something the average collage student may be interested in as well.  We are all familiar with diets and all have probably tried one at one time or another.  There are more and more diets to weed through.  It seems like everyone wants a diet named after them these days.

As I have mentioned before the last time I had to do this was over 15 years ago and it was for scientific purposes.  The types of English writing I had to do in the past were much more creative and had nothing to do with inquiry.   To my detriment I resorted to my old  ways and did a lot of report writing in the beginning of this project.  I tried to turn the focus and make it more inquiry based this time around, but I don’t think I fully succeeded.  I had a hard time not getting carried away with the history involved.  I love all the background information when it comes to researching a topic.  Sources are my weakness and using them properly is a struggle for me.

When I started the project I did a lot of research, read it all, and thought about things for a while.  When I finally felt courageous enough I made a very brief outline which I later ditched and made a new mental outline to follow when writing.  It seemed like it was a lot easier to keep track of in my head while I was composing.  It is hard to think of using any sort of images for a topic like this.  I did photograph some cook books for a blog post, but it seemed silly to me to add in the paper.  I love seeing images, so maybe I need to become more creative and think of an interesting addition.

I am still trying to figure out a good way to transform this paper into a true inquiry based project, but it is difficult sometimes to teach an old dog new tricks.


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