So much interrupted time………..


This past week I spent two full days in the Milwaukee County Courthouse. I had been called to jury duty, again. I swear, I have the worst luck with these things. Back when I lived in California, I was called nearly every four years. Not that I mind doing my civic duty, but with a family of seven and being in school full time, I don’t exactly have extra time to give. If I did have the time I think it could potentially be a neat learning experience. What does this have to do with my English Class writing? A lot actually. I have a large writing assignment due this week so I decided I should bring this assignment to the courthouse in the hopes that I might squeeze in some writing time (I was only partially successful). Once I found a spot to sit down and wait to be called, I began to write. It takes me a while to actually get into it and produce good quality writing. I finally began to get on a roll, and was concentrating so hard that I actually forgot the juror number assigned to me, when my name was called, completely interrupting my train of thought. The worst part? It has been very hard to get back that train of thought since. Long story short, the best way to write, in my opinion, is to find a time where you can get into the writing and continue without interruption. This makes the process of writing infinitely easier.


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