Library Tutorial

When I think back to all the years of library research I had to do, I yawn. When I was younger I thought research at the library was so boring. Looking through all those card catalogs put me to sleep every time! Now a days it is so much more exciting. There is so much more available and so quickly too! Going through the tutorial I thought I might fall asleep, but on the contrary I actually learned quite a bit. I have used the UW Libraries since last semester, but never took the time to go through all the tutorials. I am really glad I did because I learned how to use all the extra little features I didn’t pay much attention to. This is going to be really useful in finding scholarly sources for my paper. Scholarly sources are usually written by someone qualified. They tend to be unbiased and written for a peer review. This ups the anti on the topic report. I found a number of really good sources already, but I still am not sold on my question. The Library online is really convenient since it is such a struggle to find extra time to actually go to the physical library.
Here are my girls a little bored waiting for dinner.


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