Too much to research so little time!

I have so so much I want to know more about. Having 5 kids has made me so much more aware of every little thing that we do in society, do to our bodies, and what we do in our homes. Since my family struggles so much with different allergies, I am really interested in anything that can make us better. My son who has food allergies has jumped on the gluten free bandwagon without complaint. He was actually bragging at school about it! I have been blessed with a ton of amazing doctors for my kids over the years who have helped us along every step of the way. I know diet helps, I know chiropractic and reflexology help, I know limiting outside sources such as media helps, I have seen the effects first hand. Now I really want to know HOW it actually works.
Then again I have so many other things I want to learn about, but have so little time to do so. I feel like this paper is giving me the opportunity to dig into something I know little about. I just don’t know how to put a priority list together. It might be too long.


3 thoughts on “Too much to research so little time!

  1. I really like your idea of researching the gluten free diet. But I think, it might be really interesting to look at it in terms of the new “diet craze” that it has turned into. For example, I work at the Cheese Cake factory and we just introduced a new gluten free menu, and 9/10 times the people who INSIST they are allergic to gluten, are the same ones I see eating the yummy bread we serve before meals. I know there are also a lot of celebrities out there who also use the gluten free diet, even though they don’t have celiacs disease. I just think you would really need to do some research to see what question you want to pose. Bu I think this is a great idea.

    • Hey Amanda! I also work in a restaurant where many people claim they are allergic to gluten but still oftentimes choose to eat it even though our allergen menu alerts the guest that it has gluten. We love to accommodate our guests but sometimes you wonder why they think it’s an allergy if they choose to eat it anyway! I love your topic idea! Especially because those who work in the restaurant industry, see this allergy to be very strange and guests address it much differently than other allergies.

  2. I love your passion and thirst for knowledge as it relates to the wellness of your family. In everything you have wrote for this class that I have read so far, I can tell you are a loving mother.
    For your paper, you should try to narrow your topic. Having allergies as a topic may be difficult to cram info into a 12 page paper. However, writing a paper relating to specifically children’s allergies or a gluten allergy may be an easy way to narrow your topic and still learn more about a topic that influences your family.

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