In my previous life (before marriage and kids) I was a Bio Science major. As I identified more closely with what I wanted to do with the degree I was intending to get, I had to research, write, research, write again and again and again. The papers were long and intense, but I really loved what I was researching. The most difficult thing for me was limiting the information. I wanted to be uninhibited by page number, but then I would have probably written a book and not a paper. In the past ten years I have researched more health issues than I care to admit. We previously lived in Sacramento, California which is one of the allergy capitals of the country. With the combination of being up the valley from LA, and all the diverse trees, my family developed major health issues. My husband and 2 year old developed asthma. I refused to live with it, so I researched. The most influential thing I discovered was diet. Since then I have had more kids and more allergies. I am continuously working on new and different ways of cooking for my family. Currently my research ends with new recipes not papers. Maybe I will attempt a paper on the influence diet has on allergies???


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  1. Academically, research is and can be tiring.
    I find it very encouraging and inspiring that because of
    research, you are able to find a healthier lifestyle for you and
    your family. I have a little one on the way and I do
    plan only feeding her whats best. What better way to find out then to
    do my research? May you continue to use research as a daily tool.
    As I’m sure we all do, whether we know it or not.

  2. I too find it hard to limit the information in my papers. That has been my biggest struggle in writing research papers. I would be really interested in reading your paper about the influence diet has on allergies! This is a subject I have many questions about!

  3. I went to California for the first time in spring and I barely enjoyed it. Although I had never had allergies before, my body was most definitely not liking all the new species around me. My nose was all stuffed up and I felt like I could barely breathe!

    You mentioned to me that you wouldn’t like to write a market research report; I can not say that I would want to write about the findings in biology. It seems very tedious, with an excessive amount of citations. I do admire your thirst for knowledge.

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